Higher Ed students podcasting is catching on since these same cohorts listen in much of their spare time. We are at Northeastern’s English Department Writing programs.

31: Going Digital for COVID 19... Will We Go Back?

Back WIth, Becca


Due to pandemic going on in the world right now - COVID 19 - people are being told to shelter in place but are still trying their best to keep up with their normal day-to-day routine, obligations, and activities. Because of this, video conferencing and video sharing has become an extremely popular mode of communication and a substitution for face-to-face interactions. In this podcast, we will take a look at the creative ways that people, businesses, and institutions are utilizing Zoom and Instagram to help to bring a sense of new-normalcy to the current situation

32: Covid 19 and the Landscape of European Football

Cebral, Ignacio; Garbada, Gustavo


In this interview, we will be covering alongside our guest Gustavo Gabarda, sport analyst and consultant for UEFA (Union of European Football Associations, where he explains how COVID-19 has affected the football landscape. Not only institutions like UEFA or small clubs in minor leagues have been dramatically damaged by this pandemic outbreak, but also big clubs like F.C. Barcelona or Real Madrid. Teams are being forced to cut wages in order to maintain a healthy financial situation. We also discuss the effect on players' decision to move from one team to another, due to the uncertainty is creating on when leagues plan to be back in action, and how safe that's going to be. Additionally, how executives of the big leagues will be deciding on what are the next steps: push back all competitions, like it's been done with the Olympics, or end all them with the current rankings.

33: Being Social - A Simple Step to Open-Mindedness

Segal, William; Kelly, JT; McCoy, Sydney


This podcast is meant to open the audience's mind to the idea of taking on a more social attitude as opposed to the closed off and self-isolated mindset that most people have taken in recent years. What this refers to specifically is when people feel a sense of discomfort or annoyance when talking to people that are not in their close professional or social network, or in other words, talking to strangers when there is not a direct need to. Examples of this include refusal to speak to the person next to you in class, wearing headphones in public to give the signal that you do not want to be spoken to, or not having a desire to meet anyone new because you feel that you have everyone you need. Two guest speakers, JT Kelly of Keller Williams, and Sydney McCoy of Charles Rutenberg (both NU alumni), are brought on to speak about their experiences taking a more open-minded approach to life and interactions, and they share how it has benefitted both their personal and professional lives. Independently, I also share my personal experiences with this subject and share my findings after reading a Wall Street Journal article on the subject and reading Malcom Gladwell's book, Talking to Strangers. The message of this podcast is meant to appeal to college students to make them realize that being in university is a once in a lifetime experience where you are constantly surrounded by hundreds of people from all walks of life that all possess knowledge that you can learn from, or qualities that you can benefit from. Having a cynical and anti-social mindset during the college years is truly a wasted experience. This is also important for those who are out of college as new professional and personal relationships should never be looked down upon.

34: Dealing with Crisis

Alonso-Inarra Hernandez, Patricia


26: Soccer's Last Stand

Tharyan, Amal


COVID-19 is rapidly changing every aspect of our lives. We are slowly learning how to live life with a deadly pandemic and naturally it has impacted every single industry of the world. We need to quickly adapt to this new world so that we can overcome these testing times. This podcast will address the impact of COVID-19 on the soccer world. COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of all soccer events across the globe which has affected all stakeholders of the sport. The effect spreads from the fans to the players and owners of all soccer clubs. To help you understand this effect, Amal Tharyan, will lead you through a timeline of COVID-19's effect on soccer and discuss the potential future implications of these events. To overcome this problem, we first need to understand the meaning and consequences of it, and this podcast aims to aid people's understanding of the virus and impact it's had on various mega-sporting events. Amal starts the podcast off by explaining what the virus, running through a timeline of COVID-19's effect on soccer and then finally discussing the future of the sport and the world in general. If we stay strong through these challenging times, we can beat this disease as a community but we can only fight this together. We will definitely come out of this stronger and I hope to see all of you at the finish line.

27: Outwit. Outlast. Outplay.

Gustafson, Ava


Airing for more than 20 years, the TV show Survivor has drawn contestants from all walks of life with each player seeking to be the "Sole Survivor." While the crux of the show is to outwit, outlast and outplay, contestants must also face real-world issues along the way. On this episode, we talk about how Survivor is more than just a game, how it goes beyond a reality show by surfacing issues like race, religion, age, gender and sexuality. Tune-in to hear how the show acts as a platform for social commentary - chronicling the most prevalent social issues and injustices throughout the seasons and how the show has addressed them.

28: Think About This! Podcast: A Discussion on Alan Watts

Levi, Chase


Alan Watts was an influential philosopher and, perhaps the best job title ever created, thinker most famous in the 1940's and 1970's. His philosophies and ideas where considerably influential in the American counterculture and hippie movement of 1960's and 1970's. Which was fitting considering Watts lectures and speeches are often centered around connection with the one's universe and life partners, opposed to one's physical processions and life status. Unfortunately, nowadays Watts's teachings and guidance have become increasingly forgotten by younger generations, generations that would benefit greatly from learning and applying Watts's philosophies. In efforts to resurface Alan's ideas and wisdom, today on Think About This! I am joined by my intelligent and deep-thinking brother to discuss the brilliance of this man. Join us as we explore as aspects of Watts's thinking, starting with the foundations behind his ideas to how members of the today's young adult population apply Watt's lectures and reasoning to their daily lives. Today's episode is a special one you won't want to miss! Enjoy!

29: COVID-19 and Sports

Finocchiaro, Louis; Finocchiaro, Olivia


COVID-19 has grown from something in a city in China all the way to causing a complete shutdown across the world. This led to ALL sporting events in the United States to be cancelled or postponed. Now, people are left with nothing to watch for entertainment. However, there are also people who lost the ability to play these sports and provide the entertainment for everyone else. Today on the SPORTS podcast, we will discuss how this has affected the people who lost the ability to play. Starting from professional athletes and moving all the way down the line to High School sports. To help move you through all of this, our host, Louis Finocchiaro, will share his reaction and insight for each level of sports throughout the country (Professional, College, and High School). Later in the episode, we will be joined by Division 1 hockey player from Boston College, Olivia Finocchiaro, and she will share her personal reaction to the news of the NCAA cancelling the rest of the season, as well as how she is adjusting to online school and training from home.

30: Live Streaming

Yixiang, Eason


Real time living, usually is called live streaming, are becoming more and more common in the recent society. Governments can live on the Internet to announce import things, companies can live for introducing their new product on the internet, individual can live games on the live streaming platform like Twitch, YouTube and so on. Live streaming help people to get information or entertainment as soon as possible. Live streaming also brings profits to companies and even individual. But live streaming is also a double Double-edged sword. It may bring bad effect in some way. In the podcast, I will talk about the merits and disadvantages of live streaming.

25: Workingman's Podcast Workplace Culture

Xu, Wei Xuan; Cho, Min jie; Madden, Jack


Workplace culture is an aspect of the job hunt that has been growing in importance over the last several years. More and more, people are choosing their place of work based on the culture and environment created by the employees working there. As this rises in importance as a major factor during the job search, the effect of workplace culture on employees because an increasingly more relevant point to understand. Host Min Je Cho interviews Northeastern students and young professionals Jack Madden and Wei Xuan Xu about their experiences in the working world in 2019.

24: The Fictofan EXPLAINED


23: What Do You Meme

Al Mayal, Latifah; Linan, Enrique; Long, Madelyn


Memes. What once began as comedic devices shared amongst similar groups has evolved to become a primary method of delivery for ideas, opinions, and discussions in today's society. Memes have evolved, and in the process have become increasingly difficult to understand and decipher as the humor has become more esoteric. Now, memes have taken to the news as recent developments have created sentiments that memes are furthering the divide between older generations and the tech-centered youth. Today on What do you Meme?, we will be discussing meme culture - it's rise and spread and the growing wave of esotericism sweeping through online image boards. This will be exemplified through an attempt to explain the Loss meme, and the podcast will end on a discussion on some current popular memes that have been wrapped in controversy.

22: Film Funnel

Greg, Greg; Rex, Rex; Preksha, Preksha


Film funnel is a podcast sourced around societal representations within the cinematic universe. We focus on major social issues such as racial discrimination, gender bias, power as a form of supremacy, and much more! In our first episode, we discuss three films and how they've played a role in showcasing the differences within society. The first episode, Films in the Spotlight, revolves around a discussion about the movies Get Out, Legally Blonde and the Dictator, and how they represent societal construct and change the dialogue within society.

21: Diversity, Inc

Wright, George; Agarwal, Anirudh; Tietjen, Sanna


Diversity Inc. - an exploration of the role diversity plays in our lives.

20: Chasing Unicorns - The WeWork Fiasco


The WeWork fiasco has become one of the most controversial business stories in recent years. Following a failed IPO attempt, investors criticized WeWork financials, corporate governance practices and the founder Adam Neumann. Neumann, who sought to change the world via his co-working business model, ended up the villain of employees and investors alike as he walked away from the struggling company with a $1.7 billion payout. Neumann's character has also received widespread criticism. He preached his goal to improve the environment, and then defied this by flying around in a $60m private jet, seeking to become "the world's first trillionaire". Was Neumann the one to blame for WeWork's shortcomings? Or do the investors bear some blame for not calling out what they saw during the companies development? These are the questions we seek to answer on this episode of 'Chasing Unicorns' as we get an exclusive insight from a WSJ reporter, a WeWork investor and a senior employee who witnessed Neumann first hand throughout the development of WeWork. Music Credits: Free Music Archive: Christian Bjoerklund - "Hallon" (04:54)

19: VAR and Soccer - A Double Edged Sword

Gunduz, Ben; Alkhalifa, Khalid; Vallarino, Gabriel


Our podcast, "VAR in Soccer: A Double Edged Sword", explores how VAR (Video Assistant Referee) has taken the soccer world by storm over the past couple of years. VAR was initially introduced to assist referees in making correct decisions; however, there have been several occasions where the technology has led to incorrect calls, in addition to disrupting the natural flow of the game. This has sparked heated debate across the world in regards to the integration and management of VAR, in order to ensure more correct decisions are made rather than incorrect ones. Our podcast will dive into the benefits and negatives of the inclusion of VAR in the game of soccer, and comparing its use to other sports.

18: Husky's Take - Free Pay to Play

Del Vescovo, Anthony; Jaran, Stach; Donofrio, Mitchell


This podcast discusses whether or not college athletes should be paid for their participation in their respective sports. This debate has gone on for many years, but it has become more relevant due to the new "Fair Pay to Play" law that was just signed in California. There will be an introduction to this issue, with some general background knowledge and information about the new law. Next, both sides of the issue will be analyzed, and the listener will have the chance to form their own opinion on the issue of college athlete compensation. Finally, the podcast will switch to a more personal note, as some of the podcast team will talk about their personal experiences as college athletes.

17: Biohacking

Kagge, Nor; Rangarajan, Nisha; Hidalgo, Carla


Nor: Reporting live from Northeastern University I'm Nor, Nisha and Carla Nisha: Today we're going to be talking about something that's creeping us out. Bio hacking. Nor: What exactly is biohacking? Carla: Good question, Biohacking,,,

16: Autonomous Vehicles (An LL Cool J Production)

Jake, Jake; Leanza, Leanza; Liam, Liam


Autonomous vehicles are a hot topic in both the automobile and technology sectors. Although it is hard to predict when consumers will be using these vehicles as a primary mode of transportation, it is inevitable that we will one day get there. On this episode of the LL COOL J show your hosts Jake and Leanza discuss the implementation of autonomous vehicles into society and what that transition could look like. They ponder how factors such as infrastructure, ethical questions, and costs could impact that transition and make their arguments for either steady or mass implementation.

15: Oh! Pretty Woman

Anita, Anita; Ashwaria, Ashwaria; Valentina, Valentina


Beauty standards across the world vary widely. Along with these different definitions of beauty, come positive and negative repercussions which can take a toll on individuals and society. In this episode of Speak Up!, three pre-health students from the Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University come together to talk openly about these different standards of beauty and their potential consequences. Divided into two segments, the podcast specifically focuses on the extreme/restricted body standards for women in Latin American cultures and the prevalence of colorism in Indian American and African American cultures. Works Cited Contributor, Staff, et al. "Beauty Standards as Presented by Nollywood." All Things Africa News, The Douglas Review & Douglas Digital Corp , 9 June 2016, https://www.thedouglasreview.com/beauty-standards-as-presented-by-nollywood/. Economist, The. "The Absurdity of 'Beauty in Nigeria.'" The Standard, 2 Oct. 2012 https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000067461/the-absurdity-of-beauty-in-nigeria. Network, Jvillage. "Colorism." NCCJ, 9 Jan. 2019, https://nccj.org/colorism-0. Staff, et al. "The Ideal Beauty from Hollywood to Nollywood: Un-Ruly." UnRuly, 13 Oct. 2014, https://un-ruly.com/the-ideal-beauty-from-hollywood-to-nollywood/. MUSIC: URL: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Blue_Dot_Sessions/RadioPink/Vienna_Beat Comments: http://freemusicarchive.org/ Curator: Music for Video Copyright: Attribution-NonCommercial: http://creativecommons

14: Mindfulness in Medicine

Rupert, Rachel; Coburn-Sanderson, Ayanna; Lam, Alyssa


Mental health issues are rampant especially on college campuses. College students who undergo heavy stress and in particular, pre-health students can carry unresolved mental health issues into their graduate education. This could lead to the large problems that affect our healthcare system today, such as physician burnout and the stigma surrounding physicians seeking mental health care. Today on Mindfulness in Medicine, 3 Northeastern University Health Science students, Rachel Rupert, Ayanna Coburn-Sanderson, and Alyssa Lam, will discuss these problems and alternative options to traditional treatment and therapy, such as mental health/meditation apps like Headspace and introducing mindfulness in pre-health education.

13: Jet, Set, Go - A Podcast on Medical Tourism

Do, Theresa; Lee, Seojin; Mei, Elaine


Medical tourism is a booming industry in the United States and across the world. This phenomenon of patients traveling to foreign countries to receive medical care has sparked debate in the medical community. In this episode of Jet, Set, Go!, three Health Science students at Northeastern University explore the benefits and risks of medical tourism, as well as what patients need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

12: Lending a Hurting Hand

Christensen, Georgia; Boedicker, Griffin; Elliot, Bex; Kankanamge, Dulani


Nigerian American Author, Teju Cole, says, "If we are going to interfere in the lives of others, a little due diligence is a minimum requirement." We will be exploring the topic of medical voluntourism, focusing on the ethics surrounding it. We are Northeastern Pre-Health students, coming to you live from the digital media creation studio in Boston.

11: A System Built Around Men: The Unjust Conditions of Incarcerated Women

Abraham, Eliza; Topayeva, Tatiana; Nearny, Katie


The idea of prison is simple. Someone does something society defines as wrong, they're placed in a building where they're kept with others who have done something similarly wrong as a way to punish them for being bad. Life in prison isn't the same as it is outside- for obvious reasons, right? Prisoners have broken the law, they shouldn't be afforded the same rights as those who haven't. But at what point does this treatment go too far? At what point is the punishment doing more harm than it should? At what point is the system failing to do what is intended to do? Today on A System Build Around Men, we'll be looking at the unjust conditions of incarcerated women, particularly healthcare. We'll be taking a broad look at the mental, reproductive, and menstrual health of female offenders, as well as briefly examining the portrayal of female incarceration in the media. Danse Macabre - Busy Strings by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100556 Artist: http://incompetech.com/

10: Whether Trade War Benefits US Consumer

Wang, Aaron; Chen, Qi; Shi, Jiaqi; Yuan, Rouyu


4th episode from 9:50 AM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

9: Start-ups Versus Corporate Jobs

Cabrera, Mariafernanda; Gaines, Daniel; Nguyen, Duoung


4th episode from 1:30 PM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

8: Social Media Myths

Cheung, Brian; Wang, Yanjiao; Tungsubutra, Jenny


1st episode from 1:30 PM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

7: Robo Husky Podcast - Deep Fake Technology

Fujiwara, Tiffany; Wang, Yi; Lodhia, Kirtan; Greene, Drew


3rd episode from 1:30 PM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

6: Growing Up as Gen Z

Morris, Robert; Shehab, Laura; Liang, Victoria; Marwah, Anishka


2nd episode from 9:50 AM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

5: No Judge Zone: The Intellectual Dark Web versus the Dark Web

Ortega-Ounigian, Minette; Sureka, Uddhav


3rd episode from 9:50 AM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

4: Deepfake Technology - Debunking Deepfake

Saint Lauren, Jason; Basse, Albert; Rhinelander, Matt; Colavolpe, Tais


1st Episode from 9:50 AM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

3: The Daily Lift - Social Media

Nicosia, Michael; Albudoor, Jamal; Thadani, Aryaan


2nd episode from 1:30 PM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

2: Death By Chocolate

Yeung, Grace; Fougner, Christine; Korkmaz, Emre; Phulwani, Simran


5th episode from 1:30 PM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.

1: Big Data Today

Koshivas, Bill; Nagatsuka, Nao; Zhao, Patrick; King, Wilson


5th episode from 9:50 AM class ENGW 3304-40901 Summer One of 2019.